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How Creators Can Grow Support Using Blockchain Technology

June 16, 2020
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June 16, 2020 Filmio, Inc. Team

When the United States went on lockdown, artists, studios and creators had to get creative to proactively lessen the extent of their financial losses in the foreseeable future. All productions were halted, wiping out revenue entirely for some. But audiences, bored at home, wanted more content to help stave off the zombie-like state induced by lack of social contact. 

The sudden shift in our spring and summer plans has led to a boom for digital platforms and a new outlet for many artists who are used to performing everything from Shakespeare to stand-up in front of a live audience. Patreon donations have grown by 30 percent, and the platform gained 30 thousand new creators in March alone. Global hours spent watching YouTube grew by 80 percent, and live-stream-to-TV media grew by 250 percent. 

Some artists are making much-needed income through monetizing their content and gaining sponsors on entertainment platforms, but the explosion in demand and the lack of preparedness from streaming and digital services has left a huge gap between what audiences want and what creators can provide. For example, YouTube, in an effort to get control over extremist and inappropriate content, has set up constantly-changing algorithms. Hidden viewer data makes it impossible to know what kinds of videos fans want to see, and many independent creators have abandoned the platform out of frustration. 

On Filmio’s blockchain-powered platform, creators do not face the same challenges that they do on more traditional platforms. They are supported with complete access to all the vital metrics that go into making their projects successful, and they have more opportunities for a greater level of engagement with fans. No aspect of monetization is a mystery because it all happens directly between peers, with no intermediaries. Additionally, Filmio can facilitate distribution deals between creators and distributors, potentially even making silver screen dreams a reality for emerging creators.

What’s wrong with current content sharing platforms?

As mentioned earlier, YouTube continuously moves the goal posts not just for monetization, but also for where videos even show up in the search results. Additionally, viewer data is hidden to creators, making it impossible to discern who is watching and what they like. Many platforms skim money off the top, taking the largest portion of ad money before doling out crumbs for creators. 

Length limits on platforms like TikTok are not conducive to deeper, more involved productions. Twitch may be a solution for some, since its average stream is hours long. Mostly live and unpolished, the platform is great for gamers looking to monetize their hobby. However, this is not necessarily an answer for creators seeking an outlet to display their carefully-crafted and produced projects.

Creator Studio on Filmio

The Creator Studio on Filmio gets creators past the many roadblocks set by other digital content platforms. Creators are supported from the moment they load their content onto the Filmio blockchain, when it is timestamped and verified as that creator’s content. This helps mitigate intellectual property disputes before they even begin, because every transaction from that point forward is transparent and immutable. 

Right away, creators have access to the tools they need in order to build an audience and start making money. Filmio provides access to promotional materials, and fans can use their FAN tokens to sponsor and subscribe to their favorite projects. Fans seamlessly contribute financial support in exchange for exclusive or early access to a creator’s latest updates and content. Everything that takes place on Filmio happens peer-to-peer, meaning that the creator gets direct funding and no one is skimming off the top or moving the goalposts. 

Unprecedented access to audience metrics is one of the best features of Filmio’s Creator Studio. Filmio’s platform offers powerful visualizations of the data that creators need in order to complete a successful project. None of the information is hidden from creators, and they can use it to refine their projects to make them stand out with their fans. The data is readily accessible to everyone who uses the platform, including investors and distributors, which means that anyone looking to fund or release a project can do so with less risk.

Filmio Supplies Creators With Tools for Success

Major shifts in the entertainment industry are leading to a new kind of demand for content. People are staying home and watching more and more streaming shows and movies; distributors are looking for new ways to satisfy fans. Independent creators need the right tools to keep fresh content coming, but platforms like TikTok and YouTube are simply not making it easy for independents to fill the void. Their algorithms change almost daily, important audience data is hidden and monetization is never straightforward.

Filmio simplifies monetization and increases community support, providing the solution for creators to share their original content with the world. They have unlimited access to the information needed in order to make productions rise to the top; and all transactions are direct, secure and transparent. The platform even facilitates investor, distributor and creator relationships, through powerful data analysis that makes a project’s potential clear from the start.

With Filmio, everyone works together to build community—making it easier than ever for creators to produce their dream content, filling in the gap between supply and audience demand, and driving creativity to new heights. 


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